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Janine Bolon: Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Writer’s Hour, creative conversations where we talk to authors who maybe are… this is their debut novel, or they have written multiple books in multiple genres. Today is a first for the Writer’s hour, we have never had the opportunity to have an author who was a dog, more specifically, not just any dog. This is not just any dog that you have run into. This is a service dog. Mo is the name of that service dog because every dog has a purpose, which is Mo’s tagline, we decided that we would talk to his human today, and we want to make sure that you understand that Mo has written a book, and the name of the book is Mo, The Service Dog; Because Every Dog has a Purpose. His human, Beanie Mann, has been kind enough to join us today. She runs a corporation called Matters of Perspective. She herself is also an author, and I think it is many hours of laying at her feet is why Mo decided, “Hey, lady, it is time for you to write my story.” So, because I do not speak dog Mo has been kind enough to allow Beanie to translate for me. I would love to say thank you Mo for joining us via Beanie Mann today.

Beanie Mann: Well, thank you for having us. Mo is super excited. Yes, he is, because we had a show, or we have a show on YouTube. It is on pause right now with COVID and all that but he complained to a friend of mine, Linda, who was actually the animal communicator that I interview all these people, and I never interview him.

Janine: So, he wanted some time, he wanted some airtime.

Beanie: Because he said, “Because I have a purpose. I want to let people know about my purpose.” A couple of months after that interview that we did, he decided that it was time for me to write his book. So, I did, with help from Linda translating. I understand my dog to a point, but to actually talk to him and get what he is what he wants to say. Yes, that is beyond me at this point. So, Linda stepped in, and we have the book.

Janine: There are many wonderful people in this world who are animal communicators that help their guardians, their stewards, however, you want to refer to it, their humans. They help their humans out when it comes to working with them. One of the things that I love is that Mo is very much a working dog, though, he is a service dog, he helps you in many ways. So, we are going to start off with the very basics, my children will require this of me, as you know, what breed is Mo? Because Mo has a very unique look, for those of you who may not be able to see him. I highly recommend you go to his social media. Yes, this animal is so well revered and loved, he has his own social media. So, what breed is that dog?

Beanie: Mo is what is known as a Hovawart, which is a medieval German breed. Most actually, our third one, the first one we had… I was born and raised in Germany. I always knew I wanted a big dog that can protect me. I have always loved the looks of the Golden Retrievers. When I told my girlfriend that I wanted a golden retriever to protect me, she literally fell out of her wheelchair laughing, which I was super offended by but that is not the point. She is the one that introduced me to the breed of the Hovawart. I checked it out and I fell in love with them because you get the best of two worlds, you get friendly and “love me” of the Golden Retriever, but you also get the “watch and protection” from the German Shepherd. They come in three colors. They come all blonde, all black, and then black and tan, which looks like a German Shepherd as far as the markings go, and that is what we have.

Janine: That is definitely Mo’s coloring. I have been lucky enough to be in the same room as Mo. Mo has been kind enough to let me pet him like he was just a normal dog. He is very much a dog with a super big purpose. That is the thing that I love but what I would really enjoy knowing is what gives me the greatest joy. What is his happy factor?

Beanie: He is happiest when he is with me. He has complete separation anxiety, he had that from the very beginning, even though we had his dad, Draco, at the time, he had super separation anxiety, because I am his human. He knew that from when I walked into the house of the breeder back in California when I went to pick him up. He just knew, and he talks about that in his book, he just knew because it was something familiar. It is like I do not know this person, but there is something so familiar, and we are so connected. He is just happiest when he is with me. It is like you can tell where I am at in the house because Mo is right there, either within the room with me or right outside the door. Then of course he lost his squeaky toys.

Janine: Yes. You got to have those squeaky toys.

Beanie: You got to have the “squeakies.”

Janine: What is 4:30 AM build for, except for squeaky toys, right?

Beanie: Actually, he is really good at night. He does not squeak the toys, but it is a way for him to communicate with us. He gets so excited when he gets one of his toys when he finds the sweet spot. It squeaks and it just goes “squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak,” He is looking at us and this tail is going and he is so happy. He is so cute. I love this dog so much.

Janine: Yes, I think he loves you so much. What is his favorite toy? If he has got all these squeaky toys, which one is his favorite?

Beanie: It varies but I think his all-time favorite is a unicorn. It does not squeak, it actually makes a farting sound.

Janine: Of course, Mo would love the body humor, right? Because that is what he is. He is all about that.

Beanie: Yes, he loves it. Yes, the other toy that he really loves. It is It looks like a little tree stump. It has three little squeaky squirrels inside it, he can pull out, and we stuffed them in, and he gets so excited to dig him out and make them squeak. He just loves those.

Janine: So, what is his favorite treat?

Beanie: His favorite treat is I would say bully sticks, or those dog jerkies that he can get a number… really picky with what I give him. People want to give him treats. I usually do not let them because I want to know what is in there.

Janine: I know, I can understand that this is a dog that you have set up to help you and protect you. Of course, if he is got separation anxiety, the last thing you want to do is have to take care of them because of a health issue.

Beanie: Correct.

Janine: Yes, so what do you do for fun? If he is always hanging out at your feet, what does he do for fun?

Beanie: That is a good question. He loves going my husband takes him for walks since I cannot walk right now. So, my husband takes him for walks at a certain time of day. He is keeping an eye out for my husband. He is like, “What is the time. I know it is time. Are you are coming yet? Are we going? Are we going? Are we going?” He absolutely loves it. He also loves it when he is out in the yard and playing with him, just to pay attention to him or talking to him. He loves being on TV.

Janine: Is it not a riot? He loves it when he is on television. Tell us a bit about… he wanted this book to be written. Tell us a little bit about what he talks about in the book for those who are going to run out and get a copy.

Beanie: Okay. He starts out by talking about how he came to be into our house and what it was from his perspective. I mean, when we get an animal, we always have our perspective. We assume everything is fine, and this is really good, and this is all of that stuff, but to get it actually from the dog’s perspective. That was really interesting, especially when he said that he knew who I was when I walked in the house, that there was something familiar to me. That was interesting. Then he talks about meeting his dad for the first time, and the kids, our boys. My husband actually was deployed at the time, we brought Mo home. The first year of his life, it was just the boys and me. Then he met Jeff, and he talks about how they did not get along at first, he really did not like him, he loves them now, but at the time, not so much. Really talking about how we become service dogs. He is talking about the importance of not just him being a service dog, but all dogs that are helping humans, whether it is for companionship, having the therapy dogs, to go into the hospital to help people put a smile on their faces. It is really like every dog has a purpose. Even if you have a dog that is just a pet that you love, but because you get something, there is this symbiotic relationship that you have with your animal, with your pet. That is calming, soothing. He talks all about that. He also talks about the dos and don’ts, what to do when you see a service dog, what you should not do, and most of all, do not get offended when people tell you, “No, you cannot pet my dog.” So, he talks about the whole thing. He also talks a lot about being on TV because we were regulars on our local TV station for about a year or so. He absolutely loves them. He is talking about when his book becomes a movie because he really wants his book to become a movie and he is talking about the shared it… I do not think he shared it in the book, but he shared it afterward with Linda and me. He said on the red carpet he wants to wear a scarf. He wants to wear glasses, and he wants to wear one of those hats the actor wear.

Janine: Right.

Beanie: Because that is his Moment on the red carpet.

Janine: So like anybody, he said his intentions. He is visualizing it. He is working toward it. He has his book. Now, all we need to do is find an animation studio that will give him his moment on the red carpet when his book becomes a movie. So, certainly, there are… and the thing that is amazing is the big studios no longer have control over all that creativity. We now have YouTubers that are doing animated shorts and stuff that ended up becoming full-length movies because of what we have had to do over 2020. So, yes, talk to us a little bit about this Happiness Matters Show. What was that all about?

Beanie: Happiness Matters, The Show is really about talking to people and getting their story. Everybody has a story. We all do. I love it when people come to like, “I do not have a story. My life is really boring.” I say, “Let us talk about it.” They realize actually their life is really great. We talk about how they turn things around because not all life is great. Not everybody has this super great life growing up super good, and super happy. There were hardship and everything. We talk about how they overcame and how they are living their lives now, and tips and stuff for people who might be in a similar situation, how they can overcome. It is a lot of fun.

Janine: You always bring about this different perspective, what is this different perspective that you and Mo are seeking to express?

Beanie: Matters of perspective is really about… you can have two people look at the same thing. They see it differently. They experience it differently because whatever we see, we see through our own filters. What Mo and I do, we really help people, because a lot of times we are stuck in a rut. Mo just has to walk up, wag his tail is like “Love me,” and it just disrupts their pattern. I cannot do that, because that would be weird.

Janine: Yes, I do not know what that is about. Probably the tail would give you away.

Beanie: I do not know. It is so fun too when we are out networking. He is standing right next to me. People do not realize it, but they are petting him, they are loving him. He is just like, “Yes, right there.” Then they realize it is like, “I am so sorry. I know I should ask.” We are both looking at them. It is like, “No, it is okay.” That is also part of his purpose, but again, it just shifts whatever thought pattern, or life pattern, or whatever the people are in. There is that disruptive, and that is really what it is with Mo and me, with matters of perspective. It is like, “ Do you know what? Yes, this is what is happening right now. This is how you perceive it, but have you looked at it from this site? Or maybe from this side, or maybe from another side?” So, that is really what that is all about. As I said, I do it with words. Mo does it with kisses.

Janine: Right. Who does not enjoy having a dog? So, for those of you who are listening, Mo has his own pages and you can find him on Facebook at Mo the service dog. You can find him on Instagram at Mo the service dog.

Beanie: Mo, not M-O-E. A lot of people say M-O-E. It is M-O.

Janine: Also, there is a YouTube channel just for this wonderful animal called Matters of Perspective. Is there anything else we should know about this amazing celebrity dog that people can connect with Mo in any other way?

Beanie: No, his thing is just to be happy.

Janine: I highly recommend that you go out and you can find it on Amazon. It is Mo the Service Dog because Every Dog has a Purpose. It was important to Mo that he shares his story and brings awareness to service dogs, and the humans that they serve. He enlisted the help of his human which is Beanie Mann who we have here today. He is really hoping that an animation studio preferably, Pixar would turn his story into a movie because he wants to be on that red carpet. So, Beanie, Is there anything else we should know or anything else you care to share with the audience today?

Beanie: No, just love your animals. Love your animals, no matter what if it is a dog, if it is a cat, whatever it is, love your animals because they are there for you with you. That is what Mo’s message is. It is not just about dogs. Yes, he is a service dog, but it is really all animals that have a purpose. When they are in your life. They add joy to you, they will help you raise your vibration. That is really what it is all about. We are here to have fun. Have fun.

Janine: So, have fun, because they are here to help you with that plaything we should all be doing a little bit more of. Thank you for your time today, Beenie. It is been delightful having you on the show.

Beanie: Thank you. This is Janine Bolon, with the Writers Hour, Creative Conversations, reminding you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Make sure you pat that animal that you love and care about. Feed the fish make sure that these animals are getting the care and TLC that you know that they have also given to you, and keep reaching for those stars. Set those intentions and make sure that you write that book write that story of your own. Have a great day. We will see you next Friday.