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Yesterday I was on a ZOOM with a fellow author as we discussed the fun we had writing, but how totally unprepared we were for the marketing and selling of our books. She and I both bemoaned the fact that we has spend so much money on marketing programs that didn’t work for us and we wondered how many more authors are out there that have had similar experiences. 

At that moment the 99 Author Project was born.

I will be interviewing as many authors as I can over the next 14 months to get the material gathered to share with first-authors (and a few multi-book authors as well) on how to effectively market your books as based on the experiences of 99 other authors.

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99 Authors are asked the same 13 questions about marketing their book.

Janine Bolon is seeking 99 Authors to ask 13 Questions about marketing their book.

She will be compiling this list of answers and create a “self-help” book on how to sell more books, not from marketing professionals, but from authors themselves. From this group you will learn, what worked, what didn’t work, what started to work and then stopped and what was a surprise because it worked so well.

If you are an author, Janine wants to hear from you!

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We will publish the interviews as we receive them.

The book is projected to be published at the end of November 2023.