Janine's New Book is in search of Beta Readers:

Podcasting for Authors: Taking Your Book on an Audio Tour

Beta Readers will be accepted until May 28th.

I will post chapters every day for 10 days. You will have until June 28th to read and comment on the chapters. 

What is Janine needing from me as a Beta-Reader?

  • Does the content flow easily for you to understand the process of taking your book on an Audio Tour?
  • Do you have unanswered questions?
  • Is there any content that confuses you?
  • What do you really enjoy about the content?

What can I let pass while I read?

  • Do not worry about punctuation or spelling as you read, I have a copyeditor that will be paid to find those mistakes.
  • Do not worry with grammar, unless you are unable to read a paragraph because it is so bad!