It all started because of Tom Perrone...


Doreen and I met in 2019 when our buddy, Tom Perrone invited us to his networking group, The Cannoli Club! We were guests on one another’s podcasts and then we started sharing our tips and techniques for creating our audiobooks. Basically, two authors hobnobbing about our craft. Then we realized…our communities would seriously benefit from hearing us together!

The “Find Your Voice, Change Your Life Workshop” brings together friends and fellow authors,  Psychologist, Dr. Doreen Downing and Shamanistic Healer, Janine Bolon, who  share their expertise and passion on how to have the courage and confidence to speak without fear. Join us as we share our secrets.

  • Do you hold yourself back from speaking up because you are afraid others will judge you? 
  • Do you want to feel more confident to express yourself no matter where you are? 
  • Do you avoid stepping into the spotlight because you doubt yourself and are afraid others will judge you as weak?
  • Do you avoid the spotlight because you are afraid your nerves will hijack you?
  • Do you hide your fear of speaking in public because you don’t want others to judge you?

The “Find Your Voice, Change Your Life Workshop” will demonstrate:

How to speak up and express yourself without fear stopping you in this 90min workshop. We will each share three secrets to fearless speaking.

  1. BE Present
  2. BE Connected
  3. BE Authentic

Presence keeps you centered, grounded, and calm

Connection brings you closer to your listeners

Authenticity leads you to the confidence to be yourself

Do you want to learn our fearless speaking tips? Dr. Doreen Downing and Janine Bolon come together to share their expertise on how you can find your voice and change your life. In a 90min Workshop you will get what our clients have been raving about… the freedom to speak without fear.


As a psychologist who specializes in treating public speaking anxiety, Doreen is an authority on what it takes to get at the root of this flavor of anxiety. Her approach to helping people find their authentic voice and learning how to speak without fear is based on mindfulness tools and techniques. The lack of confidence that plagues so many professionals will not be solved by learning more performance techniques. It’s learning how to find the inner voice that comes from the core strengths within you that increases your capacity to be present and fully expressed.


Even if you can’t make the “live” workshop, register anyway so you can receive the recording & bonus materials!