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Thursday, September 23rd

Hi there!

Thank you for making your way to my launch partner sign up page!

When I became an author, I had no idea what  I was getting myself into. I wanted to be in charge of my own business, but I didn’t know how much I would need to be in charge of my own publishing, marketing and promoting of my finished books.  I’m delighted to share the lessons from my 16 years as a published author that also has over 30 years of working in the radio and the podcasting world. I believe this experience will serve other self-published authors who are following the same path, and …dare I hope…might make it a little bit easier for them.

For the Past Decade, I’ve promoted other author’s books through a partner launching strategy, blogging and podcasting.

I now ask your assistance in launching mine. 

Thank you!


As a launch partner, on August 25th, you are asked to do a few things:

Share about the book on your social media platforms
Send an email to your email-marketing list (if you have one, otherwise to those you think might find it valuable)
Consider purchasing your own copy of Author Podcating!
Leave a review on Amazon based on an excerpt I will provide ahead of time.
Celebrate with me as we help self published authors push past fear, inconsistency and self-doubt!

My Team will Provide You with Everything You Need Including:

Social media post language
Corresponding graphics to share
Promotional Email content

If you are ALL IN as a launch partner and excited to help me get “Author Podcasting” out into the world. I need you to click the button below now…