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Janine’s Media Kit

Here are Janine’s latest appearances since January 2020

Janine Bolon, guest on Find your voice, change your life podcast with Dr. Doreen Downing
Thank you to Dr. Doreen Downing for having me on the Find Your Voice, Change Your Life Podcast. Click here for the podcast where I talk about finding my own new life, new voice, and new meaning in 2015.
Janine Bolon - Create a Thriving Business with Consisten Actions on the Strong for Performance Podcast

Thank you to Meredith Bell for having me on the Strong for Performance podcast.

Click here for the podcast where I talk about creating a thriving business with 4 consistent actions in only 4 hours a week!

Thanks to Cheryl Garrison from 50Something Lifestyle Magazine for asking me to share about inspiration and empowerment for women over 50!

Click the link to visit the issue

Thank you to ELIFE magazine for asking me to write a financial series for their Holiday Issue. It was so much fun working with Trisha Ventker, their main editor! It is so much fun to be involved in the world of magazine production. This was a new venture for me and I am grateful for the experience with this.

Click the link to visit this Holiday Issue

Thank you to ShoutOutColorado for asking me to share with them my favorite places to go in Colorado as well as what brought me to live at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It was a lovely time sharing the fun and adventure of this state and I hope you enjoy reading about all the cool stuff you can do here.

Click the link to visit the Interview

Thank you to Nick Armstrong for asking me to speak to the many creative communities that make up FC# or  Fort Collins Comic Con .  We chatted for about 30 min on the challenges of dropping the starving artist mindset and increase your income through your fan base by bringing your people along with you on your latest projects. Basically, drop the fear and let people see you making your art “out there!”

Click the link to visit the Podcast Interview

Thank you to Kristen Judd of Money Secrets for asking me to speak to their Westminster MeetUp on the challenges of decreasing expenses, increasing income while paying down debt. Kristen & I unveiled the Commuter Program that the two of us have been working on to the audience. We’re still running the online courses & classes for this, check it out here:

Click the link to visit the Commuter Program

On this episode of the Main Street Author Podcast, Mike Capuozzi ( and I had a conversation about how authors and business owners can use their books as “business cards on steroids.”

Mike really liked a strategy I suggested for authors to use when giving their printed books to someone. You can hear us describe it at around 21:20 into the interview.

Click the link to listen to see the podcast

Sabine Kvenberg invited me to speak at her Women Helping Women Grow Summit this July. My address was to educate female business owners on the 4 Hours a Week Program where you can double your income in 12 months by working “on” your business and not “in” your business.

Click the link to listen to see the video training I offered these participants

Mike Capuzzi and I had a conversation about the use of books in a business platform and how it could help build trust and intimacy with your clients & customers. Books are key in establishing your authority for a topic. Mike and I discussed the points on how to serve your customers quality information and share without selling.

Click the link to listen to this podcast interview

Bryan Hyde requested I share my message of hope to his listeners, his intro stated, “If your financial situation is giving you anxiety, Janine Bolon has a message of hope for you. Debt-free living is possible, even in times of economic volatility.” Click the link to hear this radio interview

Gary Barnes, America’s #1 Traction Business Coach, has been a big supporter of my work and has asked me to speak at several of his events. He recently had me on his “Give Back Series” where we discussed the financial mindset that keeps business owners going even when cash flow drops. How do you keep the money pump working without burn out? Click the link to see the “live” financial interview.

Pedro Okoro, Founder of Astute Copy Blogging highlighted money making opportunities online when COVID-19 shut down businesses. His article with 29 other experts can be found here. I’m expert #30. Click the link to see his full article.

Katie Holmes interviewed me for her recent article on 15 Authors Share their Stories and Advice on Writing. Click the link to see her full story here.

Michelle Kavanaugh reached out to me to be a guest helping solopreneurs and small-business owners with, “Money is not just for rich people.” We tend to have the mindset that it is. Accumulating debt is the biggest mistake we make. How do you build a business and manage your money so that it works for you? Click the link to see the podcast here.

Shameless self-promotion here. Every Friday I upload a video on a financial tip to keep money flowing into your life while you drop your debt and increase your savings. Check out the full library of videos here.

3 Minute Money Tip Library.