Promotional Podcasting: Time to Make a Splash!

Are you struggling to put together a plan to share your book’s message, your message and not come off as salesy?

Join us for this 90min Workshop where I take you through the common issues that I see authors make again-and-again while they are writing & marketing their books. 

There is always time for a bit of a Q&A at the end of the training. 


We next meet on May 24th on Zoom. 

2pm-3:30pm (Mountain Time)



Promotional Podcasting: Be a Stand Out Guest & Take Yourself on a Virtual Tour

You’ve written your book and are now a published author. This is the time when your marketing work really kicks into high gear. 

Create your media kit, build your systems for follow-up and you’ll have more speaking gigs from referrals and requests then you’d have without doing this work. 

But what is the key element most authors & guests are missing? A media kit for their marketing plan. Having systems in place for media appearances that include outreach, a media kit, follow-up and referrals keeps your book front-and-center of podcasters and other media show hosts. 

Join Janine as she describes the first steps to taking your book on a virtual podcasting tour where she shares:


* How to be a stand out guest by doing the appropriate pre-work before getting on a podcast show

* What to bring to your interview for the podcast host

* Where you should emphasize your focus for the listeners of your host’s program

* What activities you should engage in after you’ve been a guest


Janine has been on both sides of the mic as an author, speaker and radio show host for over 20+ years. Allow her to share her hard-won systems & routines for marketing success.


By the end of the 90 min you will have a media kit, will have learned how to leverage your talk topics as well as your website as you go out on a virtual tour!


“But I haven’t finished my book, Janine!”


 It is time to kick your ‘But’s’ to the curb! It’s time for you to go on tour! Don’t wait for your book to be done to start your marketing.

Investment: only $97

Would you like the VIP Package? 

$197 Includes the workshop plus a 45min 1:1 strategy session with Janine


P.S. Even if all you have is the single headshot of you that goes on the back cover of your book, that’s enough for us to get you launched!

P.P.S. Yes, this workshop will be recorded for later viewing by you should life get in the way of you attending “live.”