Promotional Podcasting for Authors

Are you interested in taking your book, your business or your message on a podcasting tour?

You will find you will get a lot more traction on your work & content if you have a media kit. 

Don’t know how to make one or need some guidance?

Take our quick, One-hour short course that will walk you through how to make a media kit.

After you complete your media kit you will be directed to get onto our Podcast Program Schedule. You will then be interviewed on one of our programs and then will receive the following:

  • a 20-25 minute interview
  • Links to the 27 different platforms we broadcast your episode.
  • mp3 file with your interview so that you will be able to post it to your own website
  • Link to your article with your interview transcribed for readers. 
  • Our post-production team will promote your content twice on all 27 platforms as well as major social media platforms.